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Tuesday, April 24th 2012

3:01 PM

Real underage lolita bbs


Related article: Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 13:22:07 -0800 (PST) From: Jack Santoro Subject: Cock Worshippers Adult FriendsCock Worshippers By Jackinnmyahoo.comI'm back in town and brought a friend with me." The voice on the phone was Ben's, and I hadn't seen him for eight months, given our hectic work schedules that often took us out of town. "He's our age (early 40's) and he's got a hot cock you'll want to see. I know you'll enjoy playing with it as much as I do." We arranged for Ben and his friend to come to my house that evening. It was winter, and I was still fully dressed when they arrived. I took their heavy coats as Ben made the introductions: "Jack, this is Fred. Fred, this is Jack." We shook hands all round, and then we got out of our heavy winter clothing. Fred was about five-ten, a couple of inches shorter than Ben and me. He had a stocky, muscular build, contrasting with our slim bodies. We all had brown hair and eyes, and Fred's square jaw matched my own. Ben's face was more oval, with full, ripe lips. As we piled our clothing on my couch, our eyes were drawn to each other's crotches. Actually, my eyes were fixed on Fred's, as I'd seen Ben naked many times, and Fred looked avidly at mine. Our sacs were tight. Our pricks were all shrunken from the cold, and mine was perhaps 2-1/2" long, the forward half inch of that foreskin. Fred's was perhaps three, a smooth, tapering worm with seamless skin that gathered in a tight pucker in front. Ben's was about the same as mine, the bulge of his glans visible through its fleshy covering. "You're still stretching your preteen nonnude lolitas nymphets foreskin," I remarked, because his foreskin's nipple seemed longer than when I'd last seen him. "Yeah, still working at it," he replied. "Fred knows all about it. We were kids together and we've seen each other's cocks a lot over the years. Fred's always had lots of foreskin, like you. He knows that the doctor cut off the tip of my skin when I was a baby." "I was lucky," Fred said. "I didn't get cut like Ben. The doctor wanted to circumcise me because he said I had too much skin, but my tip was so small he didn't have a bell clamp small enough for it. He told my parents it would have to be done by an expensive urological surgeon, and my folks didn't want to pay the cost. So you see, guys, I lucked out." "His head's still small," Ben explained. That was why Fred's skin was so smooth and tapered, unlike mine and Ben's, which had visible bulges of cock-heads near the ends. I was really curious regarding what Fred had under his hood, and I lola lolita bbs forum knew I'd find out shortly. "I see he's still got a lot of skin," I added. "I've got a tremendous foreskin considering the size of the head," Fred said. "Here, let me show you." With both hands he began stripping back his hood. The thick sheath rolled back, revealing a small and perfectly formed pink helmet that appeared to be a junior version of mine. He had the same upturned flare at the rear, but it stood only about an eighth of an inch above the neck of the shaft. His thin slit looked just like mine, but smaller. The skin he held back with the fingers of both hands collection lolitas pics nude formed a thick roll behind the rim, almost twice the diameter of the shaft. "I'd like to see it hard," I said. As I spoke, Ben reached down to tickle the hairs on Fred's scrotum. I knew that this light and teasing touch would have an effect. Fred's penis began to lengthen, the shaft filling out and the head pushing forward. I pulled on the end of Fred's hood, producing a gentle stretching of the many nerve endings it contained, and soon Fred's penis was fully hard. It was about seven inches long, with a graceful upward curve and the covering skin was smoothly tapered, ending in a thick pucker. There was no vein visible through the thick skin, and no hint of the glans it contained. Ben's prick and mine had swollen while we'd been working on Fred, and the shapes of our heads were very visible in the thick arcs that stuck out in front of us. Fred reached out to squeeze the heads through their jackets, and I felt my cock-root throb with each squeeze. It wasn't long before we were both as hard as he. "Your skin still covers the head," Fred said to me. "So does Ben's, although before he started stretching it pulled back all the way." Ben had been using tape and a stainless steel ball to obtain more foreskin length and now, about 18 months after he'd begun, he had as much foreskin as I did. Ben's foreskin was thinner than mine, and looser. Mine was thicker, and hugged the bulging head tightly. "Does yours stay back?" I asked Fred. I pulled my foreskin behind the big helmet, where it locked in place behind my thick corona. "No, it always slips forward again," he replied, demonstrating by sliding his hood back to uncover the small head completely. When he let go, it quickly slipped forward to engulf the small glans again. "You guys have big heads on your cocks. That catches the skin so it stays back. Mine's too small for that." Fred had removed his hand from his nonnude lolita models bbs penis after his foreskin had slid forward, and now Ben's fingers closed around the smooth shaft, gently sliding the thick skin forward and back. He didn't pull hard enough to uncover the head, just enough to provide friction against Fred's hidden part. "You know I'm a cock worshipper," he said to me and Fred. "Whatever shape, however big, I love to handle cocks." Ben's other hand closed around my prick, pulling forward to dislodge the thick fleshy collar and let it run forward to cover my glans. When Ben let go, Fred reached for my prick. "You don't mind, do you?" he asked with a shy smile. "I love to get my fingers around another cock. Yours feels so warm..." He slowly began to slide back my long hood, watching as the tight fleshy sleeve expanded over the contours of my big purple helmet. Slowly he stretched it back, uncovering the head, until it snapped down into the deep groove behind my ridge. "Let's get into the bedroom," I suggested. "We'll be more comfortable there." I led the way, Fred walking beside me, holding on to my prick. When I sat down on the edge of the bed, Fred knelt in front of me, studying my prick. "You've got a nice helmet, I think that's what Ben called it. Just like mine, but a lot bigger." Ben squatted behind Fred, reaching under him to grasp his penis and slide back his hood. A thick creamy coating covered his tip, and the exciting odor of the smegma filled the air. I saw that, unlike mine lolita land nude pics and Ben's, Fred's orifice did not pout at all with erection, but remained a short thin slit. Now a small drop of lube parted the tight lips. "Your teen lolita nymphts models slit's a lot smaller than ours," I said to Fred. "Have any trouble peeing or shooting?" "Not at all," he replied. "It just comes out in a tight jet and shoots a long way." "He's always been like that," Ben contributed. "He always peed farther than me or most other boys because that small slit builds up a lot of pressure. Even now, he can shoot six feet when he comes." "Your helmet's the same color as mine," I said. "Just smaller, that's all." Ben released Fred's hood, which promptly slid forward again. We got up and sat facing each other on the bed. "Our dicks are so different," Fred said as he slipped my foreskin forward lolita family fun pics again. "It's such fun, looking at how they're so different." "Fred's a cock worshipper like you and me," Ben laughed. He was right about that. I, too, enjoyed studying the differences between our cocks, noting how Ben's was a bit longer than my six inches. We both had straight shafts, but mine had a big vein on the right, while Ben's shaft had two veins on top. I skinned back Ben's penis, noting how the shapes of the heads were also different. While mine was the standard German helmet, with round front dome expanding to a flaring ridge, Ben's was a classic bell shape. His ridge dropped almost straight down to the shaft, instead of sweeping forward as mine did. The rim had a sexy upturn all around, not just at the top, as did mine. Both were purple, however, mine a darker shade that was almost black on the back face of my corona. "Tell me how you like this," I said. I began russian lolita preteens nudes sliding Fred's long hood over the small russian lolita nude toplist head, noting how it formed a thick pucker when I brought it all the way forward, and how the pucker expanded and stretched as I drew it back to reveal his helmet. Fred sighed as I slowly worked his ample foreskin up and down his cock, giving him pleasure and making his body quiver slightly. "Love it, love to feel your warm hand on my cock..." He replied as I kept manipulating his long fleshy shroud. He wrapped his fingers around Ben's rampant erection and began to slide his skin along the shaft. Ben, in turn, grasped mine and used the same slow, sensual, sliding motion to excite me. "See how our cocks are different? Fred asked. "Ben's and mine really leak lube, but Jack's doesn't." I knew that I often had to use artificial lubricant to keep my glans and foreskin wet and slippery, while Ben and Fred had all they needed. "Which of us is going to dock Fred?" Ben asked. I realized that while the efforts Ben and I had made in the past had required special techniques, docking Fred would be easy because of his small tip. "I can, if it's okay with you," I replied. I was eager to feel Fred's small but hot tip inside my hood. "Either of us can dock you easily," Ben said to Fred. "Your tip's small enough to fit inside our hoods without any problem. When Jack docked me, months ago, I had to make him come first so that his tip would be soft. Otherwise there wouldn't have been room inside even his long foreskin for both big heads." "Ever dock Jack?" Fred asked. "No, I didn't have enough foreskin to do it," Ben stated simply. He had been stretching his hood for about 18 months, with good results. When he'd begun, his foreskin had covered only half his glans, but progressively it had covered more and more under his relentless stretching, and now russian lolita kim 10yo he had full coverage and then some. "I think we'd better lie down for this," I suggested to Fred. "Docking's a really intense experience, and I don't think I can avoid collapsing when I begin to come." "I know," Fred said. "I've been docked a few times. Guys find it easy to dock my small tip. That's one of the advantages. I always have to be careful to keep my skin back, though, so it doesn't get in the way." "I can take care of that for you," Ben said and Fred and I got into position, lying on our sides facing each other. Now our hard pricks were almost touching, and when Ben's fingers wrapped around Fred's shaft and bared his head, Fred pushed forward slightly so that our hot hard helmets touched in a wet kiss. I felt his glans slide over my round front dome, lubricated by his copious discharge. "Okay, now I'll dock you," I said as I grasped my foreskin by the edges with the free russian lolita galleries fingers of both hands. I extended it beyond the glans and began to cover Fred's small purple helmet. Ben had pulled Fred's foreskin back hard so that the corona and the groove behind it were totally naked, and I locked my foreskin into the groove, holding it in place with thumb and forefinger formed into a ring. As Fred's body began to thrust, I felt his engorged little glans slide against mine, probing into my ample foreskin. The nose of his glans caressed the top side of mine, reaching my corona, as he thrust deeper. I was becoming very excited, as much by the thought of docking with Fred as by the physical contact. I knew that the buds of our sensations were locked together inside my thick hood, in as intimate a contact as two men can experience. I felt my nerve endings come alive, rising to a new plateau of sensitivity as Fred's hot hard tip pushed against mine. "You're close," I said to him, because I felt his glans lose its sponginess, the sure sign of impending orgasm. Mine wasn't far behind, and now I tightened my grip to make sure our cocks didn't slip apart as our crisis approached. Fred's scrotum, which had loosened somewhat, was now tightly drawn up against his body, and his legs began to tremble. "I can't believe it. You're both so close. You turned each other on so ereccion duradera lolitas jovencitas fast," Ben commented as he continued to clamp his fist around www lolita tv com Fred's shaft to keep the precious head free and unencumbered. His other hand cupped my tight sa c, and I began to thrust slightly against Fred's glans. As my grip tightened, it kept Fred's tip firmly against the front of mine, preventing it from sliding past, so that we'd be able to feel fully each other's glans throbs during climax. My glans was getting hot and tingly, and as my sensations mounted my eyes closed involuntarily as I withdrew into myself, all of my attention focused on the excited nerve endings in my groin. Fred's tip was pressing against mine, and when he backed off I felt the delicious friction of his smooth tip sliding inside my foreskin. I didn't know how far along he was, but was sure we were both close. His breathing had become ragged, and now he was grunting heavily as the sensations mounted in his trapped cock. His grunts came faster, and I noticed that I, too, had begun to grunt. Suddenly, his tip throbbed hard against mine, and I felt a fiery stab in my helmet and shaft as his hot discharge penetrated my orifice and drilled its way into my urethra. My crotch muscles went into spasm, and I cried out as a jet of hot lava boiled up my shaft and collided with his sperm, and raced on to pour over his glans and fill my foreskin. lol bbs teen models Fred shot again, and this time his jet raked the hemispheric front dome of my glans, setting my nerve endings afire. I cried out again as my body responded, and poured another heavy gush into my already distended foreskin. I felt his cock throb in my fingers each time Fred shot, and as we were tip to tip, our hot hard heads hammered each other with each pulse of orgasm. We were both grunting and loaning loudly, consumed by our fiery orgasms, releasing our vital fluids until my foreskin was fully stretched and I had to let go to relieve the pressure. I preteen nonnude lolitas nymphets felt the sudden gush as our mixed juices poured out of the space between my foreskin and his glans, but we were still thrusting and Fred's overheated head sprayed another hard jet that splattered against the front of my engorged helmet. Now our spasms were weaker. My jets became less intense, and I felt his weaken as well. We stopped moving and lay still, partly from exhaustion and partly because our inflamed nerve endings couldn't stand any more friction. Slowly our cocks pulled apart as Fred's bulb slipped out from inside my hood. My orgasm was over, and I drifted in the daze that followed. My prick was still super-sensitive, and my entire groin was filled with a pleasant tingle, the aftermath of my ejaculations. I lolita underground bear hug sensed that Fred was the same way, lying very still inches from me. "Boy, you two shot a lot," Ben exclaimed. "You really filled up Jack's foreskin fast. It was stretched out so much I thought it was going to tear." "Didn't hurt," I murmured weakly. "Felt nice, really nice." "You both were yelling so much I hope nobody outside the house heard it," Ben added. I opened my eyes to find him leaning over me, and a moment later his lips brushed my forehead. He kissed each eyebrow next, and when I closed my eyes again he kissed my eyelids lovingly. Ben was an ardent kisser, and he continued to the tip of my nose, my lips, and my chin. Then he kissed Fred the same way. I was so caught up in the emotion of the moment that I slid down Fred's body and kissed the end of his foreskin, once more gathered in a tight pucker in from of his now-hidden glans as Ben had release his grip. I tasted a drop of the thick liquid seeping from his pucker, tasting the combination of salt and chlorine of our mixed secretions. We lay there another several minutes, exchanging hugs and kisses, until Fred spoke; "Guys, I have to pee. Really bad. That coffee we drank at your house is almost making me explode." "Oh, I forgot to bring out the coffee," I said. "I was so caught up in the excitement it totally slipped my mind." We usually drank coffee before sex, as we'd found that the caffeine heightened our alertness and our sensations, and that emptying our bladders after sex was an effective way of flushing out the residue. "Come on, Jack," Ben said. "You just have to see Fred pee." I followed them into the bathroom, where Fred entered one end of the long shower stall and turned on the water. Ben and I clambered in after him, eager to watch the spectacle. Fred stood directly under the shower head, so that the hot water sluiced down the front of his body. "I've seen this before, but you haven't," Ben said to me. "You take hold of his penis and skin it back, otherwise it'll just bubble out." I grasped Fred's penis around the middle of the shaft and pulled back hard, exposing the small head and the groove behind it. The hot water flowed over the small purple glans and a trickle began from his tight slit. The trickle quickly grew to a tight stream that jetted the six-foot length of the shower stall, and splashed against the tile wall. "No wonder it felt so hot when he came," I said. "I didn't tell you, but when he started to come, his first shot was right down my tube." "No wonder you howled so loud when you came," Ben laughed. "That must have been intense." "It was, believe me," I said. "It felt like a needle jet shooting right down my tube." "Good thing your hole pouts the way it does," Ben said. "Did you notice that, Fred, the way his slit turns into a teardrop like hole when he gets hard?" I skinned back to show Fred, in case he hadn't noticed. My erection hadn't totally subsided, and my glans was still swollen. "I did," Fred replied. "I think that looks so cute." "It's practical, too," Ben added. "That made it easier for your jet to shoot down his hole." As Ben spoke, the water splashing from Fred's body flowed over my tip and I felt my flow begin. I tried to direct the stream downward, but some ereccion duradera lolitas jovencitas poured over Fred's ankles. "Sorry, Fred," I said. It's kind of cramped in here." "No problem, Jack. It's all water-soluble, anyway. It'll rinse off." The water spraying over us washed my stream down the drain, as it did his. "Ben, you going to pee?" I asked. "I really need to, but I'd like to hold off until I come. It's really hot in my bladder, though. Notice my erection's still at full mast?" Ben indeed was hard, both from the excitement of our sex play and the pressure deep inside. "You look like you need to come fast, though," I said. "Maybe we can do you right here in the shower, so you can get relief right now," I suggested. "Do it, Jack, do it. No foreplay. Just get me off," he replied. Ben's foreskin was fully covering his shapely, bell-shaped glans, as he hadn't retracted it upon entering the shower, and I placed my hands on to and bottom, cupping the bell-shaped bulge in the hollows of my palms. I began lolita underground bear hug moving my hands in opposite directions, twisting his foreskin over the big bulging head. "Oooohhhhhhhh... That's nice," he said as I slowly increased my pace. I knew that this technique offered one of the most powerful forms of stimulation, producing sideways friction against his glans while stretching the nerve endings in his foreskin and frenulum. "Hold on to him, Fred," I urged. "When the orgasm hits, his knees will buckle and he may just collapse." Fred got behind Ben and wrapped his muscular arms around his waist, meanwhile peering over his should to watch my hands working on his hot hard prick. "Oooohhhh... Feels great," Ben whispered as I rubbed him faster. I felt his glans engorge even more between my hands as I continued the sideways stroking of his foreskin. The opening was slack, and the end of his bell-shaped head was clearly visible, and I saw clear fluid gushing from his lolita land nude pics long slit, lubricating the gyrating foreskin. I looked at his face and saw his eyes close as the powerful sensations took hold and dimmed his consciousness. Now I was twisting his foreskin as fast as I could with my rapidly moving palms, aware that Ben could not hold off for more than a few seconds. Fred was holding him tightly around the waist as Ben's chest heaved with big gasping breaths, and his legs began to tremble. Ben's loud cry of orgasm filled the bathroom as his swollen cock throbbed hard between my hands and a thick rope of white cream erupted from the end of his penis to shoot across the shower stall. He yelped again as his hot hard penis spewed another hot jet. His knees buckled as I'd known they would, and now Fred was using all his strength to hold him up as I continued punishing his throbbing prick. Ben's slit spewed another jet, and now I moved my hands down his shaft slightly to uncover most of the dark, throbbing head. I shifted my grip, wrapping the fingers of my right hand around the bulging bell-end, applying direct friction to its overheated nerve endings and seeing another hot jet gush out in response. Now I pushed back hard on his glans, my fingers sliding over the lubricated, throbbing surface and drawing the foreskin all the way back to stretch it as my other fist stroked his tapered tip towards the base of his shaft. I twisted my fists in opposite directions to apply a "snake bite" to his pulsing prick, bringing forth another rope of cream. Ben was howling uncontrollably, lost in the fiery blast of his orgasm, his body in spasm, responding to the onrush of sensations. Now his jets became weaker, and I knew he was near the end. I released his throbbing glans and shaft, watching as another gush of thick white liquid distended the lips of his slit as it poured out. Fred gently eased him to the floor of the stall to finish his last few spasms there. Ben's swollen tip was dark purple, throbbing visibly in time with the spasms in his cock-root, as the last few discharges pulsed from its end and ran down his shaft. Finally he was still, dazed by the intensity of the sensations, leaning forward in utter collapse. "Wow, that hit him hard," Fred observed. "Yes it did," I agreed. "He's totally helpless now. That orgasm really drained him." A thin seepage from Ben's slit formed a thin string of liquid between his tip and the floor of the shower. "Good thing you told me to hold him," Fred said to me. "He really did collapse." "I knew he would. "That rolling technique is very powerful. See how quickly it brought on orgasm for him?" "I saw that. Next time I'd like you to use it on me." "I will, Fred. You've got the perfect penis for it, with all that foreskin." "I want to be lying down, though. If Ben collapsed, I know I would." "Oh, I'd collapse too," I said. "It's been done to me, and the orgasm was mind-bending." Now Ben opened his eyes, and I leaned forward to kiss him tenderly, the way he'd done to me. I kissed his forehead, then his eyebrows, his eyes, the tip of his nose, and finally his lips, as Fred watched. Now I rose to adjust the shower head so that the hot spray poured over the front of Ben's body and on his relaxing erection. His shaft began to droop, but the swollen glans remained dark and full. The water played over it, stimulating his reflexes, and in a few seconds a few thin drops began to seep from his slit. As the swelling in his cock-root subsided and his sphincter relaxed, the drops became a trickle. Ben's entire body relaxed as the trickle became a powerful stream, flushing the residue of viscous liquid from his urethra. Fred and I stood over him, rinsing ourselves, and when Ben had finished we helped him stand. Fred grasped his shaft and held it out, while the index finger of his other hand probed under Ben's balls for the urethra, milking it forward. lolita family fun pics Then he ran his fingertip forward along the underside of Ben's shaft, forcing the last drops out through his slit. Then he pulled Ben's ample foreskin forward to protect the precious head. Fred's foreskin was forward, as it always slid down over his glans unless held back, and I pulled mine to re-cover my helmet. "I really want to feel that technique you used on Ben," Fred said. "I'll be glad to do you that way, next time you're over here," I replied. When can you and Ben come over again?" "It'll have to be without me," Ben said. "I'll be out of town the next couple of weeks." "Okay, next Saturday morning, then," I suggested. "Sounds good to me," Fred said. "I'll look forward to it." "So will I," I replied. I did.The End
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